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Top 5 Nightlife Options in Andaman
The first feeling which comes to mindwhile uttering the Andaman Islands is - Rejuvenation. Indeed, Andaman is theultimate destination to ... ...

Top 5 Nightlife Options in Andaman

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Posted on: 01/11/18

The first feeling which comes to mind while uttering the Andaman Islands is - Rejuvenation. Indeed, Andaman is the ultimate destination to rejuvenate both mentally and physically. This island is highly known for its natural vivacity and scenarios. The crystal blue sky above the head and deep blue water below the feet will make you fall in love with this beautiful destination.

Tourists from different parts of the world visit the Andaman Islands all throughout the year. The Island is fully crowded in between Christmas to New Year, as everyone is in a jolly and party mood. The life in Andaman is pretty different from those urban lifestyles. Here, there is no internet, no work pressure, and no city traffic. Thus the Andaman Islands are the perfect place to relax and enjoy.

Well, most of the tourists who visit the Island often questions about the Night-life. As its an Island far away from the city life, there are not many options for nightlife. 9 pm closes the markets and there are also no nightclubs in the city. But yes, there are various activities which you can experience only in the night time. If you are bored in your hotel room and want to explore the beauty of the Andaman Islands under the stars, come out and explore following nightlife options.

Candlelight Dinners

         Candlelight Dinners

In the night, the beaches are not that crowded. Thus you can easily request a special candlelight dinner arrangement. Well, there are many resorts and hotels on the Island, which offer candle Light dinners on the beaches. Mainly, the couples should try the dinner under the glittering sky of stars. You can also go for a walk on the beach and create some romantic moments.

         Bar Hoppings

When you are on an Island and watching the crashing of sea waves,  you have reasons to cheer.  There are some popular clubs in Andaman, which offer an exotic ambiance to enjoy the climate on the Island. You can try some innovative drinks and cocktails in Nico Bar and Sea sip.

         Floating restaurant

Have you ever heard about Floating restaurants in the mid of water? Well, in Andaman you can have a glimpse of those floating restaurants. The government operates and runs the restaurant on the ships & cruises floating over the water. The feeling of having the food over a ship which is floating over running water is pretty unique and different.

         Evening cruising

A bottle of wine, some spicy cuisines, slow retro music and a perfect cruise ride. Probably, this is the best thing which you can enjoy in Andaman. Pre-book your cruises rides and enjoy a ride over the running blue waters, under the deep dark sky.

         Marine adventure

If you are certified scuba diver, then you can try out the deep water marine adventures in the late evenings. The experience of diving in the night is very different; you will feel an intense adrenaline rush.

So, dont forget to plan for these nightlife options, when you are choosing good Andaman tour packages from Chennai.


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